Shipping is too high! Yikes!

Shipping and handling for the EZ Bracelets is free for domestic and Canadian orders.

HOWEVER, when you add items to a free-shipping EZ Bracelet, the S&H estimate automatically bumps up to a flat $12. Don’t worry!! If any additions add a little to the weight, then I refund the extra depending on my cost.

For example, if you buy an EZ Bracelet and add a pack of needles, the cart will add $12. I’ll just refund the whole $12 back to you.    If you add a few small spools of wire or a pliers to the order which adds a little to my shipping cost, then you’ll get some money back but maybe not the whole 12 bucks.

Why isn't shipping quoted accurately?

Glad you asked. 🙂  In order to quote shipping precisely, I would have to weigh every item and put that info AND the measurements of that item into the shopping cart program. Who has time for that?

Shipping is set at $12 to cover the cost of shipping my heaviest products using flat rate priority mail. If your order weighs less than a pound, I can use first class instead and save you money.

What the heck is "handling" anyway?

For most websites handling covers the cost of packaging and the cost of running credit cards.

I choose not to tack on anything for packaging because I recycle all those bubble mailers and bubble wrap from my own online shopping!

I do add a little extra to cover PayPal fees and credit card fees. But I use discretion there too and refund appropriately. 

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