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I have been making jewelry since 1996. I sold my jewelry at craft shows from 1996 until 2003 when I opened my bead store. I still make jewelry to sell at shows. I only ever use two kinds of glue: this stuff and 5 minute epoxy (any brand). What I like about the Hypo Tube Cement is that works best with small items like beads and flat back crystals. I use it to secure the knot on elastic stretchy bracelets too. Sometimes when making earrings,  the hole in a rhinestone rondelle, bead cap or spacer bead is a little too big and it won’t sit nicely on top of a bead. This glue is precise enough to take care of that.

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I use 5 minute epoxy for bigger things like gluing leather cord into a cord end because it is more of a gap filler. I’ve worked with a lot of glues and these two are the only ones I’ve ever needed. Yes, there are some other really good glues on the market, but they stink and make me worry that I’m going to get cancer from the fumes. Your best bet for getting 5 minute epoxy is a hardware store or Walmart. Any brand will do. JB Weld makes it, Gorilla does and some other companies too. Don’t get the 2 minute stuff. Trust me.

Manufacturer’s info: Excellent for jewelry making! Includes a precision applicator to allow for precise amounts of cement to be applied to intricate parts for neat and precise work. Dries water clear. Ideal for all plastics, beads, ceramics, glass & More! Great for sealing knots between beads. Medium strength cement. Will bond fingers. Sets in 10 minutes. 1/3 fl. oz. (9ml) tube.


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