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Bar Bell Price Tags
Selling your jewelry? The tags are perfect for pricing your jewelry. Larger tags tend to overwhelm the look of your jewelry. These little tags maintain the design integrity of the piece. 24 tags per sheet.
Short Shank: 10 sheets of tags for $2.50 per sheet of 28
Long Shank: 10 sheets of tags for $2.50 per sheet of 21
I have lots more stickers for my own use. If you don’t see what you need, give me a call.
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barbell tags long

Long shank barbell tags are great for leather bracelets or chain maille jewelry. And it will go around a 6mm bead.

barbell price tags

Short shank barbell tags wrap easily around chain or beading wire.  The shank is not long enough to go around a 6mm bead. So you have to get it squeezed in between two beads. It will be fine around a single strand of seed beads.


Short Shank 10 Pack, Long Shank 10 Pack

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