March 17, 2023
Welcome to my new EZ Bracelet website! I’m gradually adding product to this site but in the meantime my old site still works. For wire and jump rings, visit the old site at

It’s okay to use the old site AND the new site. They use two different carts.  Any shipping overcharges will be refunded. Phone in your order if you like!

Shipping is screwed up right now. EZ Bracelets should have free shipping. I’ll take care of it! 3/17 I’m working on this!

It will take a while to get all the tools, wire and jump rings installed on this website. This website stuff takes a lot of work. If you would like to have me build a website for you, the fee will be something under $1.000,000.  😉

Plastic cone with measurement markings to help you make bead bracelets the right size

Ez Bracelet, the Mini and the EZ Necklace

Three cones with measurement markings to help you make beaded bracelets and necklaces
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