20g. Metallic Jump Rings


Jump Rings by The Jump Ring Lady

  • 20g. AWG. Saw cut by me.  No burrs. Never out of stock. No spring back, ID’s stay consistent.
  • Jump rings come in packs of 100.
  • These jump rings are listed by their OUTSIDE diameters  or “OD.” Their INSIDE diameters are noted in the drop down menu as “ID.”
  • Their Aspect Ratio is noted as “AR,” and it  tells you how many other rings of the same gauge will go through the hole. For example, if the AR is 2.3, that means that only two rings can be hooked through the inside of this ring.
  • Bare Copper does tarnish and Tarnish Resistant Copper does not tarnish.
  • Putting fractions into perspective:
    3/32″ is less than 1/8″
    1/8″ is, well, 1/8″
    5/32″ is a little bigger than 1/8″
    13/64″ is a little bigger than 3/16″
    1/4″ is what it is. 🙂
  • Scroll down for more info.
  • These rings are copper that has been enameled and coated with a polymer coating to prevent wear and tarnish.  The color is permanent, but it will chip off with your pliers if you’re not careful.  You should use only smooth jaw pliers which are available on my site.
  • The Metallic Colors cost less than the Silvery Colors.
  • Made in the USA! All of the copper rings on my site are saw cut  by me, Cheri the Jump Ring Lady. I use only American made colored copper wire. I have been making and selling jump rings since 2008. I am also the inventor of the patented EZ Bracelet which is a handy tool if you’re making chain maille bracelets.
  • If you have any questions, email me or text me. I’m in Wisconsin, Central Time Zone.

4mm OD, 3/32" ID (2.3mm), 2.84 AR, 5mm OD, 1/8" ID (3.3mm), 4.07 AR, 6mm OD, 5/32" ID (4.3mm), 5.31 AR, 7mm OD, 13/64" ID (5.3mm), 6.54 AR, 8mm OD, 1/4" ID (6.3mm), 7.78 AR


Amber 20g. (Pack of 100 Rings), Antique Copper 20g. (Pack of 100 Rings), Antique Gold 20g. (Pack of 100 Rings), Black 20g. (Pack of 100 Rings), Blue 20g. (Pack of 100 Rings), Brown 20g. (Pack of 100 Rings), Burgundy 20g. (Pack of 100 Rings), Bare Copper 20g. (Pack of 100 Rings), Dark Olive 20g. (Pack of 100 Rings), Green 20g. (Pack of 100 Rings), Kelly 20g. (Pack of 100 Rings), Hematite Gray 20g. (Pack of 100 Rings), Magenta 20g. (Pack of 100 Rings), Purple 20g. (Pack of 100 Rings), Red 20g. (Pack of 100 Rings), Teal 20g. (Pack of 100 Rings), Tarnish Resistant Copper 20g. (Pack of 100 Rings), Vintage Bronze 20g. (Pack of 100 Rings)

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