Aluminum Jump Rings


Colored Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings by The Jump Ring Lady

  • Jump rings come in packs of 100. Indicated gauges are AWG.
  • These jump rings are listed by their OUTSIDE diametersĀ  or “OD.”
  • Their INSIDE diameters are noted in the drop down menu as “ID.”
  • Their Aspect Ratio is noted as “AR,” and itĀ  tells you how many other rings of the same gauge will go through the hole. For example, if the AR is 2.3, that means that only two rings can be hooked through the inside of this ring.
  • Scroll down for more info.
  • Aluminum jump rings are lightweight, strong and easy to open and close. The color is created with an eight-step anodizing and dyeing process. This process creates long-lasting color that is resistant to tarnishing. Jump rings may have an iridescent finish caused by the fabrication process and base metal. Jump ring sizes and gauges are approximate. Due to manufacturing, color intensity and size may vary slightly. These rings are made in China.
  • If you have any questions, email me or text me. I’m in Wisconsin, Central Time Zone.

20g. 4mm OD, 3/32" ID (2.3mm ID), 2.75 AR, 20g. 5mm OD, 9/64" ID (3.5mm ID), 3.73 AR, 18g. 6mm OD, 5/32" ID (4.2mm ID), 4.8 AR, 16g. 8mm OD, 13/64 ID (5.3mm ID), 5.78 AR, 14g. 10mm OD, 1/4" ID (6.4mm ID), 6.76 AR, 12g. 12mm OD, 5/16" ID (7.8mm ID), 7.75 AR


Antique Copper (Pack of 100 Rings), Black (Pack of 100 Rings), Bronze (Pack of 100 Rings), Copper (Pack of 100 Rings), Fuchsia (Pack of 100 Rings), Gold (Pack of 100 Rings), Green (Pack of 100 Rings), Gun Metal (Pack of 100 Rings), Light Blue (Pack of 100 Rings), Light Purple (Pack of 100 Rings), Light Green (Pack of 100 Rings), Matte Gold (Pack of 100 Rings), Pink (Pack of 100 Rings), Silver (Pack of 100 Rings)

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